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Szakmai tanulmányok, termálenergatika, geotermika témakörben magyar és angol nyelven.

Fájl Leírás
Fájl Geothermal Potential of Central Eastern Europe

Hungary is a country with excellent geothermal characteristics.

Fájl Solar Potential of Central Eastern Europe

The energy formed inside the sun is radiated into the space with a constant intensity according to human scale, and this radiation reaches our planet as well.

Fájl Wind Potential of central Eastern Europe

Wind energy the cheapest and the most dynamically developing type of renewable energy sources. It has a large literature related to the protection of the environment, technology, economy, law and meteorology. We wish to present the basics of wind energy utilization.

Fájl Biomass Potential of Central Eastern Europe

Biomass: A mass of organic matter of biological origin, body mass of living or recently died organisms in one biocoenosis or biome, on dry land or in water (plants, animals microorganisms), products of biotechnological industries; and any biological product, waste or residual product of the diffe